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Flawless Friday Video: Defying Decay


The video for “Ghost” by alternative metal band Defying Decay of Thailand has been chosen as the Flawless Friday Video for this week. “Ghost” came out in 2018 but it’s still worth watching. If you want to hear Defying Decay’s newer music, check out the links that have been listed. Defying Decay will be going on tour this fall so hopefully they get heard by a lot of people.

The band says, “We’re Defying Decay all the way from Bangkok, Thailand and to be able to have this opportunity to come ten thousands of miles away from our home to play shows is just really beyond our dreams. Especially with bands we grew up listening to. We’ll be performing our best so expect us!”

There could be road trip in the near future for a few metal fans and possibly one cat who is curious about music. If Manny Pacquiemeow is allowed to attend the show, maybe we can fit him in a purse or something.

Anyway, be sure to listen to Defying Decay as soon as possible.


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