Cold Case Quest: Monica Lampkins


Cold Case Quest: Monica Lampkins

Monica Lampkins

An unknown assailant took Monica Lampkins’s life on February 5, 2006 . She had been stabbed while in front the apartment complex where she had been living in Columbus, Ohio.

People walking in the area saw Lampkins collapse and called for help. Shortly after the homicide, the case stalled and eventually became a cold case. If anyone had witnessed the crime, no one said anything that led to an arrest. In my opinion, someone saw who killed Monica Lampkins.

Her mother did an interview in The Columbus Dispatch but did not want to be named. Her family is also not named in her obituary. The family has concerns because their loved one was killed and no arrests had been made. After 15 years, the murderer has still not been caught. Obviously, fear is a great motivator to stay quiet.

The 42-year old may have had shady friends or ex-boyfriends. Could it have been a current or ex-boyfriend? No one has come forward to say that a specific person murdered Lampkins. Was it someone that she knew? Was is a random incident?

Map. Cold Case Quest. Monica Lampkins

If you have any information, please contact the Columbus Police Department, Cold Case Unit at 614-645-4036 or Central Ohio Crime Stoppers at  (614) 645-4749.

Central Ohio Crime Stoppers. Columbus Police - Homicide Division. Cold Case. Monica Lampkins

Columbus Police or Crime Stoppers

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