Garden Gate: Poetry Maybe #24

garden gate

Don’t be frightened

if I disappear

Don’t count the minutes until I come back
If you are vengeful, I won’t be silent
Everyone will know that you

and your current wife

are wasteful beggars.

“Should I message you again?”

No thanks.
It is remarkable
that one can survive

with a quarter of what you

felt like you deserved.
Selfish tendencies made

you eat everything.

Were you even hungry?
Every wakeful moment

standing at my garden gate,

wanting it all for yourself.

Then you wanted to teach

that new girl everything you think you know.

So now you know

Being wives and mothers is not our only purpose

welcome to a world of high hopes

and disappointment

of failing at the garden gate.

when you think of me,

think of me

skiing down a
ragged bunny hill

into a pink sunset

this is not a crowd pleaser
but I won’t be wasteful
with my handsomely won freedom

Poetry Maybe


2 responses to “Garden Gate: Poetry Maybe #24”

  1. Ouch! Such an eloquent and powerful kiss-off. Nicely done Holley!

    1. Thank you for the lovely feedback! ❤

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