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Ukrainian-based electronic project 6th Crowd presents a new single, “Sokolonko,” from the album Step. Dari Maksymova was working on the album when the Ukraine was invaded. Thankfully, she is currently safe in Europe.

“This is a Ukrainian song from Donbas, my dear home region, which Russia is tearing apart right now. I didn’t know if I’d have a chance to do it later. In my research, as I learned more about folk Ukrainian music, I noticed that modern culture has plenty of references to music from western and central parts of my country, but nothing from the east.  Nothing from my home. Culturally it simply didn’t exist.

So I decided I wanted to change that balance and bring songs from East Ukraine back to life, to remind myself and everyone that Donbas is a historical part of Ukraine, no matter how badly Putin wants to destroy it,” says Dari Maksymova of 6th Crowd.

You can support 6TH CROWD by downloading this single, available via Bandcamp and Apple Music, who will donate proceeds to Vostok SOS. Vostok SOS’s humanitarian campaign includes helping people evacuate and providing humanitarian aid and psychosocial support, with hotlines for affected people and a team on the ground in the region, coordinating aid.

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Bandcamp https://6thcrowd.bandcamp.com/album/sokolonko
YouTube https://youtu.be/-XXLDxVkKE8
Spotify https://open.spotify.com/album/0S0znk9tCYKyLdcRFpcJw9
Apple Music https://music.apple.com/us/album/соколонько-single/1611393289
How to help Ukraine https://bit.ly/36V7Ff6
More on how to help Ukraine https://bit.ly/35weaog

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  1. It’s both heartbreaking and infuriating what’s happening in Ukraine!

    1. Agreed! It’s truly terrible.

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