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French rock band Nothing But Real has been together since 2018. They remained together during quarantines and everything. A new album, “Lost in the World,” from Hanta, Tom, Eghan and Victor will be available on March 25.

Today, Tom is on the blog to give some insight into what led to the creation of the band and maybe some songwriting secrets. Please welcome Tom of Nothing But Real!

Band/Artist Name *

Nothing But Real / Tom founder of the project

Tell us about your latest project

My last project was still in its infancy and was called Black Reed, an electro base with a bit of rock and some basic cinematic atmosphere. That’s what led to the idea of taking it further with the creation of Nothing But Real.

Where was your first concert as a fan? As a performer?

Well i think it was the Red Hot Chili Peppers in Lyon. As a performer – wow can’t remember. One of the first I remember in Paris was at Le Batofar with my previous band.

What is the secret to writing good music?

I don’t know the secret. I wouldn’t share it if I knew it ahah. Anyway, the best tracks come at night at 2am and you have to jump on the Dictaphone or in the shower while listening to music, it distorts the frequencies and you shouldn’t slide on the Dictaphone. There’s no real recipe I think you just have to let go, find your writing style, try and listen to different things, vary and trust your instinct.

Do you have a bucketlist? If so, what’s on it?

Supporting my daughter as best I can, recording all the tracks I have in the pipeline, finishing my mini graphic novel about the origins of Nothing But Real’s avatar Sakar, developing my business so I can retire at 50, winning the lottery so I can only do humanitarian work and music.

What was the last thing that you read?

A great review from Round Magazine about our new upcoming album.

What are you listening to at the moment?

The latest single of “Muse” and the new album of “Stromae”

If you weren’t a musician, what would you be doing?

Begging for playing music or nothing.

Who would you like to collaborate with in the future?

Josh Homme, Dave Grohl, any good rap artist

What do you want people to know about your music?

That you can mix any rock, pop, rap, electro influences, dance to it and link it to a manga/comic visual universe


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