Poetry Maybe #38: Warboyz

statue of a sailor kissing a woman. poetry maybe #38
Photo by Stefano Parisi on Pexels.com

won’t you be borrowing from the ocean

and giving it trouble and noise

it was in Betty Crocker’s book of potions

for rehabilitating warboyz

the phantom valentine was unwritten

can we multiply

the look of a sailor smitten

and call it to testify

a blue dragon paints

a portrait of charismatic

thief and saint

once so on edge and now so pragmatic

set the heat to scorch

leave a beloved scar

think of memories from the front porch

when the sailor was pirate of our hearts

Poetry Maybe

5 responses to “Poetry Maybe #38: Warboyz”

  1. I think I have Betty Crocker’s Book of Potions somewhere…. Pretty sure the recipes to rehabilitate the warboyz have plenty of sugar to emphasize that wartime rationing was ending. 😉

    1. I believe that you will find that cookbook. I wish I had some weird ones to send. Hmmm. New quest?!

    2. Also, you are a genius. For real

      1. Mostly a genius at tripping over my own feet and piling stuff on any unattended flat surface.

      2. same here!

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