Sleep Deprived Music Review: Arny Margret


Arny Margret has a new EP, Intertwined, that feels like she has set her diary to music. It reminds me of confessional poetry and singer/songwriters from the 90s.

My favorite song on the album is “Intertwined.” All of the songs are beautiful so there’s no wrong answer.

Of course, Margret’s sound is more polished than many singer/songwriters. She is probably a better guitarist than whatever musician you are thinking of right now. Margret is from Iceland, where she attended a music school from the age of six. It makes sense that she is a great musician with so many years of practice.

I think this album would be great to listen to while in the dance studio. My second choice would be to play the album in a coffeeshop. Do you think the coffeeshop barista would let me play it over the PA system? It’s worth a shot. (I apologize for the unintended barista humor)





Sleep Deprived Music Review

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