Poetry Maybe #40: Cake

poetry maybe #40: cake
where do friends
find their profuse
pushy advice
mixed together
like a three-tiered cake

i am greedy for
whipped frosting
i want to eat it all

before going under a blade
that may or may not 
fix excess skin

how does one neglect
a thing so obvious-


even if we walk 
around the world
sashay and 
for now 
we will say goodbye
to friends and lingerie.

we will feel the disgust
of the dusty
belligerent surface
that can't be hidden with 
a weeping veil

Poetry Maybe

3 responses to “Poetry Maybe #40: Cake”

  1. The obvious is the easiest thing to neglect, at least for me. It just sits there while I stare right past it…

    1. I get that. I get distracted by sweets.

      1. Ha! You do not want to watch an old movie or show with me if there’s a scene in a kitchen or grocery store. I’m pausing so often to try to figure out what’s there that the story gets lost…

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