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Poetry Maybe #41: Broken Records


Broken Records

when will the voiceless
be capable of finding 
their key to lock
that oppresses

I keep hoping for perfection
you tell again me not 
to cry in a hushed whisper
i wake up from this recurring dream
like someone has burst 
the most vibrant balloon

what's the cure
for dusty vintage
broken records
that keep these memories alive?
can a doctor of records test 
them so they are splendid once more?

can a real shrink 
stop this desire
to connect the real you 
and the dream you?

how long can one suffer
from not seeing you 
performing that hat trick . . . 

it would be easier to
run over my heart with a tank
boundless adventures are 
not to be for you and me

i should turn these heels around
before anyone can utter
 their useless thoughts and prayers

Poetry Maybe

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