Celestial Burst: Meet and Greet

Celestial Burst

French progressive rock duo, Celestial Burst will be re-releasing their EP on May 13 on the Wormholedeath label. Their musical influences are fairly eclectic. The influences of Celestial Burst include Pink Floyd, Opeth, Audioslave and Rammstein. This interesting mix of music has helped the band develop their own captivating sound.

I highly recommend listening to their music. What do you guys think of the album cover? I kind of love it. Check out the links below to find Celestial Burst.

‘The Maze’ :
“It is the story of a woman who wanders in a world that she does not understand and to which she cannot adapt to because it does not suit her.
The labyrinth is the symbol that I wanted to give to the adventure that awaits her, littered with obstacles and dead ends (Alexis, Celestial Burst).





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