Wicked Book Tag

Wicked Book Tag

The Wicked Book Tag was found on What The Hell Is She Reading and Life of a Female Bibliophile. The mood around here is pretty Wicked. So why not do a book tag? I read Wicked many years ago. Unfortunately, I didn’t finish the series. The Broadway musical based on the book is incredible.

No One Mourns The Wicked – a character who no one would feel bad if they died.

wicked book tag

Samuel Ratchett died and no one felt bad.

Dear Old Shiz – a book set in college or university.

Sun & Moon Academy.

Wicked book tag

The Wizard and I – a book that gives you hope.

I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings is one of my favorite books.

What Is This Feeling?  – a book you loathed.

I wasn’t crazy about this book.

Something Bad – a book where you just knew something bad was going to happen but didn’t know what.

Reckless Girls. Of course something terrible is going to happen. I had no idea what it would be.

wicked book tag

Dancing Through Life – a carefree, light book.

The Accidental Beauty Queen could be a popular rom com on any streaming channel.

 Popular – a book that needs more recognition.

The Price of Paradise. I almost forgot how much I enjoyed this book.

wicked book tag

I’m Not That Girl – a book with heart-break.

The Silence of the Girls has a tremendous amount of heartbreak.

One Short Day – a book set in a country or city you’ve always wanted to visit.

St. John or any Caribbean Island. I haven’t read this book yet but it would probably be a good book to bring on vacation.

wicked book tag

A Sentimental Man – a character that’s trying to do good but is an antagonist.

Lestat or possibly Louis. Lestat an interesting character. He’s trying to help Louis and Claudia become better vampires. Obviously, it doesn’t go according to his plan.

Defying Gravity – a character that basically says fuck the world I’m doing my own things.

Ropa is one of my favorite characters.

Thank Goodness –  a special and happy event in the midst of a shitstorm within the book.

I can’t tell you what the good event is but it happens right before an actual storm.

Wonderful – a character who’s full of themselves.

Jeffrey Halcomb is pretty full of himself. Cult leaders usually are conceited.

wicked book tag

As Long As Your Mine – a scene from a book where your OTP couldn’t keep their hands off each other.

Remy and Prince Hale are meant to be.

No Good Deed  –  a character who is truly good but keeps fucking up and hates themselves for it.

Queenie is a bit self-destructive.

March of the Witch Hunters – a book with a call to action.

We should take care of people whether they were born in this country or not. Just be a good human.

For Good – a book that has changed me for good.

It’s important to know when to talk and when to listen. I think that is what I learned from Hood Feminism.

 Finale “Wicked” – favorite book series finale.


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