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Meet and Greet: Grace Solero

“Metamorphosis break free… For it’s easy not to see… You gotta run run run run run… Burn the bridges of despair… Now it’s time to dare”  

Meet and Greet: Grace Solero
Photo by Luna Viola

London-based alternative singer, Grace Solero, has released the single, “Metamorphosis.” The single is from the upcoming album of the same name, which will be available on July 15. The music doesn’t remind me of anyone in particular – maybe if Tori Amos was incredibly edgy.

Solero commented, “The album’s title track ‘Metamorphosis’ was initially a guitar riff played by our drummer and multi-instrumentalist Dave. The whole band joined in and I added melody and lyrics. The verses are more introspective with the choruses turning into anthem-like explosive energy. It’s about being bold in order to move forward.” 

If you are a fan of alternative rock, then you should check out Grace Solero. There are several links below.

Album pre-order
‘Metamorphosis’ single

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