Musical Theater Book Tag

musical theater book tag
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The musical theater book tag was discovered on the Book Browsing Blog. Tag! Everyone is it! Participation is encouraged. Let me know what your answers are if you do your own musical theater book tag.

HAMILTON – ‘Satisfied’

What book had an unsatisfying ending or needs a sequel?

EVERYBODY’S TALKING ABOUT JAMIE – ‘Everybody’s Talking About Jamie’

What is a really hyped book you want to read only because of the hype?

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ANASTASIA – ‘Journey to the Past’

Name a book that features flashbacks or developed backstories.

BE MORE CHILL – ‘Michael in the Bathroom’

If you were escaping a party by hiding in a bathroom, what book would you take with you?

I haven’t read it but hopefully soon. Maybe I should go to a party just to hide in the bathroom with this book.

SIX – ‘Ex-Wives’

Name a book that is a twist or retelling of a well known story.

THE LAST FIVE YEARS – ‘Still Hurting’

What book hurt you and has stuck with you ever since?

COME FROM AWAY – ‘Me and the Sky’

Pick a book that features your dream job, real or fantastical.

I would like to own a roller rink just to roller skate the day away.

NEWSIES – ‘Santa Fe’

What fictional place would you love to visit?

The Emerald City

WAITRESS – ‘When He Sees Me’

What book did you fall in love with the second you saw the cover?

DEAR EVAN HANSEN – ‘Disappear’

Hype an underrated backlist book.

I recently bought this book as a present to myself. You guys should also read. Think of it as a present to yourself.

LEGALLY BLONDE – ‘What You Want’

What do you want to see more of in books?

I like retellings that have hint of the original but it is its own story. This book is going to be another reward to myself for doing this adulting thing for another month.


Pick your favorite musical and recommend a book that reminds you of it!

Chicago is one of my favorite musicals.

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