Land of Love and Drowning: Book Riot Book Review


Land of Love and Drowning by Tiphanie Yanique is set in Anegada and St. Thomas. The time period is approximately 1917 when St. Thomas became a U.S. territory.

Around this same time, Captain Bradshaw’s ship sinks. Bradshaw left behind three children – Eeona, Anette and their half-brother Jacob.

All of the children have some magical abilities that you will have to read about yourself. I wouldn’t want to spoil it for you in this review. The folklore and magic in the book are worth the wait.

After being orphaned, Eeona raises Anette although she would rather escape from the islands and start a new life somewhere. She tries to get away a few times but eventually returns.

No one tells Anette and Jacob that they are brother and sister. People tell Anette to stay away from a boy named Esau. However, Esau goes by the name Jacob. His mother and Eeona try to keep them separated but no one tells them exactly why. So they have a romantic relationship and have a daughter together.

Their daughter, Youme, definitely has psychic abilities. Youme could have a whole series written about her because she is really fascinating.

If you like historical fiction as well as magical realism then you will be a fan of Land of Love and Drowning.

If you have submechanophobia, “the fear of man-made objects that are submerged under water,” then you may be scared of the shipwrecks in this book.

Read an adventure story by a BIPOC author.

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