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I traveled a lot this summer thanks to my music and I think that’s the best thing about being a musician : Meeting new cultures, exchanging with new people, seeing new landscapes, listening to new sounds, hearing new languages ​​and also sharing my music with people.

Here is what I discovered and learned on the road in the last few months…

In Rochefort (France), the city made famous by the film “les demoiselles de Rochefort” with Catherine Deneuve where Michel Legrand’s soundtrack still resounds on every street corner : I took part in the OST Challenge contest of the “Sœurs Jumelles” film music festival and I had the chance to be a finalist and to hear my music broadcast in a cinema during the screening of the short film on which I had composed the soundtrack.

At the top of my bucket list is the wish to make film music one day. It was truly moving to experience this glimpse in this mythical city of French cinema.

I was able to meet the 9 other composer finalists, we discussed our favorite musical films and it was very interesting to see the same film with 9 different music, 9 different sensibilities…

On the island of Noirmoutier (France), I played at sunset with the ocean as a natural setting in front of more than 1000 people and it was an intense feeling to be in symbiosis with the natural elements, the music and the audience. It was an opportunity to interpret the titles of my album UNICA, released a few months ago.

In the Alps in Les Orres (France), I participated in an eco-festival and I really appreciated the process. At the top of the mountains, festival-goers had the opportunity to attend concerts combining activities in the forest, well-being, meditation as well as conferences on the subjects of ecology. Indeed nature is an important source of inspiration in my work, a few years ago I wrote a title called “A Big Part Of A Big Sun” during a seminar on an island cut off from all telephone and internet networks. And I often need to leave the big cities to go and recharge my batteries in natural places, in the mountains or by the sea.

– I also went to New York for Bastille Day and played in the heart of Central Park ! It was a great moment of emotion to find myself on this mythical Summerstage and to interpret the great classic themes of the French repertoire.

The most intense moment of this evening was when I performed Maurice Ravel’s famous Boléro in a modern and electronic version where 2 New York hip hop dancers joined me, Cal Hunt and Jai’Quin Coleman.

I was lucky to be invited to perform by the French consulate and electronic music producer Joachim Garraud.

Joachim and I met in February 2021 in California. We went to the desert aboard LA Goodvibes, Joachim’s mobile solar studio, and together we composed and played in the middle of nature, the goal being to leave no trace of our arrival while respecting the natural place.

Our artistic collaboration was born during this trip and since then we have created the AVORIAZ duo. Our first album will be released in early 2023 and our first performance will be on September 3 in Chatou at the EPK festival (co-stage with Mr. Oizo and Martin Solveig!)

Our music is the meeting of our 2 universes, the powerful techno of Joachim associated with my atmospheric vocal universe. I can’t wait to share our music for the first time in September!

– In my eco-bucket list there are also ships ;  going aboard a ship to Antarctica, in order to collect sounds (ice floe, wind, noise of machinery, etc.) and making it a sound and visual object as a testimony to our precious natural terrestrial and maritime heritage. The French institute IRCAM (with which I have already collaborated this year on the virtual choir) would like to support me in this adventure and accompany me with a sound engineer and ambisonic microphones in order to be able to transcribe this unique experience sensorially in places equipped with ambisonic domes… here is my wish, maybe it will be realized in 2023, fingers crossed!

– Back to France, in Cap Ferret, a French peninsula where I put my suitcases and my machines for some time. I find this place to be very inspiring and I see it as French California.

It is here that I’ve been working on the production of an album of classical and electronic variations on the themes of the French impressionists of the end of the 19th / beginning of the 20th century ( Debussy, Satie, Ravel, Fauré…).  The idea is to create a bridge between the music of Ravel marking the beginning of the 20th century and the French touch of Daft Punk which marks the end!

Can’t wait to share this new opus and in the meantime I leave you with my brand new music video “Extra Life” for an introspective journey in the metaverse of my digital sister UNICA!

– DeLaurentis

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