Teenage Halloween: Sleep Deprived Music Review

teenage halloween

Since Teenage Halloween of New Jersey will be going on two short tours this fall, it is the perfect time to listen to their self-titled album. The self-titled album was released in 2020. As everyone knows, 2020 was a weird year for most bands. They are still making music and getting back to playing live shows. If you enjoy the album, they also have an new EP with The Homeless Gospel Choir.

Teenage Halloween is a power pop/punk band that sort of defies age. They have a sound that is youthful enough to be cool but not too young to be off putting.

The lyrics are political and making a commentary about the “current state in the world i wish i could undo.” The music is tireless throughout the album. My favorite songs on the album are “Stationary” and “Clarity.” The band reminds me a little big of Diet Cig. They both have a similar tone as well as being pop/punk.

If I was going on a haunted road trip, I would like to go with Teenage Halloween. Since we don’t know each other, I would probably just take the album with me. It would also be cool to go see that latest Halloween movie with Teenage Halloween.

Teenage Halloween made the following statement their bandcamp page: “These songs are about mental health and queer struggles. Stand by your friends that are hurting. Harm reduction is the key to safety.”

Let me know if anyone gets a chance to see them live. Until then, check out their links and support their music.


teenage halloween

Teenage Halloween Links

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