Old Fire: Sleep Deprived Music Review

old fire

Old Fire is the project of Abilene, TX-based composer and producer John Mark Lapham. The latest LP from Old Fire Voids became available on November 4th via Western Vinyl.

The album isn’t genre-specific. Some songs are similar jazz while others are more like Americana. Half of the songs are instrumental while the other half feature a guest vocalist. The vocalists include Bill Callahan, Emily Cross, Adam Torres, and Julia Holter.

“I usually send a collaborator a piece of music with some general ideas of what I’m looking for, and let them develop it as they see fit. I give them some preliminary lyrics I’ve written or at least some themes of what the song is about, then they write lyrics and ideas based around that,” Lapham explains. “Sometimes there is a lot of back and forth before we get it right, and almost always there are unexpected turns in the process where it ends up being something very different from what we started with. I bring it all together, but the album exists because of their contributions.”

The songs that I enjoy from Voids are “Don’t You Go” featuring Bill Callahan and “Windows” featuring Julia Holter. Voids I through Voids IV would be acceptable for playing while meditating. If I was on a spaceship to take an alien yoga class, then I would recommend that they listen to this album. It is not like anything that anyone in the universe has heard before. Maybe the yoga instructor will play it during the yoga class.


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  1. Man, this is a cool concept a whole mix of musicians and their approach to each piece. Was able to track down the vinyl to their Bandcamp page, super good price too for a double LP. Wishlisted!

    1. That is awesome! Glad you found the double LP. 🙂

  2. Wow, that’s an enchanting song. Will have to check out more of the album.

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