Don’t Fear the Reaper: #bookreview

Don't Fear the Reaper

In Don’t Fear the Reaper, the sequel to My Heart is a Chainsaw, Stephen Graham Jones proves to be a master storyteller and possibly a magician.

The story catches up with Jade Daniels on the day that she returns to Proofrock, Idaho after four years in prison. On the same day, serial killer Dark Mill South escapes from his prison convoy in order to continue his murder spree. His goal is to kill 38 people as revenge for 38 Dakota men that were hanged in 1862.

My favorite supporting character, Letha Mondragon, survived the first book but not without losing her family and part of her face. She’s a mother now so she is tougher than ever. Letha has mama bear energy which I love. I’m hoping that she makes it to the end of the trilogy.

It seems like many of the characters have brushed up on their horror movie knowledge so they don’t get tricked by the bogeyman again. There is even a special section at the video store dedicated to Jade’s favorite horror movies. My youngest kid loves horror movies so she will know all about horror movies soon. My kid and Jade would be BFFs for life.

Jade is fighting the bogeyman again. Bless her chainsaw heart. Is Dark Mill South the only bogeyman in town?

If you enjoy the following photo, then you will enjoy Don’t Fear the Reaper.

If you can’t watch a horror movie with your eyes open, then maybe you’re not ready for Don’t Fear the Reaper.

  • I received this ARC from NetGalley. This is my honest review. All opinions are my own. Obviously.

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  1. I can barely watch horror movies with my eyes open, therefore, I tend not to watch them.

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