Melonball: Flawless Friday Video


Punk rock band Melonball of Germany has released the video, “Sicker.” The video is definitely worthy of being the Flawless Friday Video. It makes me crave live entertainment and movie theater popcorn. Is it just me? The song is from the upcoming album that will be available for everyone on March 31st.

Of the song, the band says, “Certainly the most personal song for Oli. It is about the fact that– while for many, “family” means support and positivity– for some, it can also be a burden that you carry with you throughout your life.”

Check out the video and links. Let me know what you think!

Melonball Lineup:

Oli (vocals)

Basti (guitar/ backing vocals)

Mally (guitar)

Jens (bass)

Julian (drums/backing vocals)


Stream “Sicker” and pre-order ‘Breathe’ here: Breathe






Flawless Friday Video


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