Cold Case Quest: Loubna Laassadi


Columbus resident Loubna “Lucy” Laassadi was only twenty-five years old when she was killed during a drive-by shooting. On October 12, 2020, was in a car with her boyfriend when someone in a black SUV shot at their car.

The boyfriend drove from the intersection of I-71 and East Broad Street to a nearby BP gas station to get help. I am not sure if he was the driver or passenger when the shooting occurred.

A witness said that Laassadi and the person in the SUV had an argument. Instead of moving on from the argument, the person decided to shoot.

No one has identified the assailant. It seems curious that the boyfriend didn’t see who she was arguing with. It could just be that he wasn’t paying attention. I wonder if anything was captured on a traffic camera.

It is so sad that Lucy lost her life due to what was probably a meaningless argument. If you have any information about Lucy’s case, please come forward so that justice can be served.

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To Light a candle for Loubna Laassadi: visit here

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Central Ohio Crime Stoppers

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Cold Case Quest

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