Cold Case Quest: KayKimia Marie Ruffin

On the evening of June 1, 2020, 27-year-old KayKimia Marie Ruffin was shot by an unknown assailant. Columbus police officers were responding to a call about a shooting at the 1900 block of Maryland Avenue. Officers found KayKimia in an unresponsive state. Unfortunately, KayKimia did not recover from her injuries and passed away on the same evening.

Nothing that I have read mentions any witnesses or possible suspects. It would be unusual that no one actually witnessed the shooting. It’s not unusual for witnesses to keep quiet.

There was an article about Ruffin’s brother who was killed in 2007. It might be a stretch to say that both cases are connected in some way. However, anything is possible.

Another case that occurred in the same area and the same year was the shooting of Loubna Laassadi. I would be curious to see if the cases are connected.

If you have any information about KayKimia’s case, please come forward so that justice can be served. The Ruffin family deserves justice for KayKimia more than the responsible person deserves freedom. Please don’t let the shooter get away with murder for another minute.

If you would like to light a candle for KayKimia, visit the Gun Memorial website.

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