The Damned Few: Flawless Friday Video


The Damned Few of the Netherlands has just released the video for Til Death Do Us Part, which is the Flawless Friday Video for the week. Personally, I like the way that the video and song are distorted and crisp at the same time.

SIde note: Whenever i see anyone rockin’ leather pants, I am reminded of the guy who didn’t want to be seen with me in public if I wore leather pants. I told him to piss off then and would do it again. There was also was a similar energy to the leather pants incident as in Til Death Do Us Part. Leather pants forever!

The band’s debut album will be out later this year. The new band line up includes: Dion Legebeke (vocals), Michiel Jansen (guitar), Jeroen Hobert (drums) and Jaap Schrijver (bass).

Check out their links and video!

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Flawless Friday Video

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