Cold Case Quest: Peggy Harris and Tommy Cooper


Peggy Harris, 28, and Tommy Cooper, 17, were shot outside of Harris’s apartment on January 15, 1991. The shooter ambushed them from the left. The neighbors did not hear anyone arguing before the incident. The police thought that Cooper was selling drugs from the apartment, which may have been part of the motive.

Cooper lived about 4.5 miles away from Harris’s apartment with his adoptive parents. The parents had no idea that he knew Harris or was involved with drugs. Harris had just moved to Columbus within two months of the shooting.

If there were witnesses, no one has said anything that has been released to the media. As in many cases related to drug activity, people are afraid to say a word. Although the shooting occurred 32 years ago, people might still be scared of giving the police information.

I am hoping that witnesses will finally come forward. Tips can be submitted anonymously through Crimestoppers.

If you have any information, please contact the Columbus Police Department or Central Ohio Crimestoppers at the links or phone numbers listed below. If you happen to have a photograph of Peggy Harris or Tommy Cooper, please contact me at Chasing Destino on Facebook.

Peggy Harris and Tommy Cooper Links

Columbus Police Department

Central Ohio Crimestoppers

Cold Case Quest



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  1. Wow. This one is a long standing cold case. Creeps me out how many there are and for how long they go sometimes.

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