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This might be the first time that I have done the Book Blogging Firsts book tag. The tag was found on Kristin Kraves Books. I started blogging in 2013 so my 10th bloggerversary will be this upcoming July.

It’s been fun to see how it started and how it is going. The blog started out with mostly photography and bucket list posts. Lately, I have been doing mostly bookish and music-related posts.

Everyone is welcome to participate in this book tag. Please tag Kristin and myself so that we can see your responses.

First blog name and design?

The blog name was originally Destino but I had to change the name when I upgraded the blog to a domain. So since around 2015, it has been called Chasing Destino.

First blog post? First book review?

My first blog post has three sentences – nothing exciting. The first bookish post was a reading challenge. The first review was Although of course you end up becoming yourself.

First meme participated in?

I haven’t participated in a meme.

First discussion post?

Midnight Painting Party. Before this post, I mostly did photography and extremely short posts.

First book blog I followed?

I’m not 100% sure about the first blog. Where’s My Backpack was one of the first blogs that I followed.

First follower?

The first follower that I can find is Kathleen at Foodways Pilgrim. The first person to like one of my blog posts was Elise at Beats of Pieces.

First book I read because of other bloggers?

I don’t remember exactly. Maybe She-Hulk?

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  1. Fun! My first blog was called The Emerald City Book Review and I think the first review I posted there was of Howl’s Moving Castle. My first meme was probably Top Ten Tuesday…

    1. Thank you! Now I am wondering if I actually did do a meme. lol 🙂 It was probably a photography challenge?

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