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Canadian native Friendly Rich recently released his new LP Man Out of Time. If you are looking for quirky, melancholy, folk/circus music then listen to Friendly Rich’s album.

The music sound like it could be the soundtrack for movies about a cabaret circus directed by Tim Burton. Friendly Rich’s voice is a bit like Tom Waits or maybe Leonard Cohen with French influences. While the music gives off a creepy, dark aesthetic, it was still a fun album to hear. The songs that I enjoyed the most were “Salvation Mountain” and “Moi Mes Souliers.”

Fun facts: Friendly Rich composed the background music for several seasons of The Tom Green Show. He also has a record label called The Pumpkin Pie Corporation.

Regarding the inspiration for the new album, Friendly Rich said “I hope you enjoy this release, this work means a lot to me, I honor the great Quebecois songwriter Felix Leclerc, and I go to even darker places as a songwriter. I wanted to honor Felix Leclerc’s music, and was able to dive into it with Mike T Kerr and Drew Jurecka to help.” 

I would like to listen to this album while getting ready to attend a cabaret or an open mic poetry night. Also, Man Out of Time would be the perfect album to listen to while running away with the circus.

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