Spring Has Sprung Book Tag

spring has sprung book tag

Welcome to the Spring Has Sprung Book Tag. The tag can also be found on Paperbacks and Planners.

Everyone is welcome to participate. Tag Paperbacks and Planners and myself so that we can see your answers. Comments and links encouraged.

1. Flowers – Pick a Book that’s a fresh take on a retelling.

spring has sprung book tag
Good Fortune is a retelling of Pride and Prejudice.

2. Cadbury Mini Eggs – Pick a book that you consider to be a sweet treat.

Gwen & Art Are Not in Love

3. Allergies – Pick a book that made you cry.

spring has sprung book tag
Part 1 of Books Worth a 2nd Read: Tess of the d’Urbervilles

4. Spring Cleaning – Pick a book to unhaul.

5. Spring Break – Pick a book involving a road trip.

spring has sprung book tag

6. Mating Season – Pick a book with some smutty delights.

spring has sprung book tag
When He was Wicked was a little bit smutty.

7. Rainbows – Pick a book featuring an LGBTQ+ character.

spring has sprung book tag
Cinderella is Dead

8. Spring Awakening –  Pick a book filled with dysfunctional characters

Everyone is dysfunctional in this book. Some more than others.

9. In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb – Pick a book series that didn’t get better as it progressed

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