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it's not a cult

It’s Not a Cult by Lauren Danhof could be set in any town in Texas that has its own Renaissance Fair as well as a local cult. Glinda Glass, a recent graduate school dropout, has moved in with her mother and younger sister, West. Her twin sister, Dorothy, has not spoken to her in quite some time. So now she works as a wench at the Renaissance Fair dunk tank. In her spare time, Glinda is trying to get her mom away from the cult.

Her mom keeps saying, “It’s not a cult.” It is definitely a cult with a greedy, sleazy false prophet. The leader reminds me of one of my family members. We don’t talk much because I’m afraid he’s going to sell me a seat on the mothership in exchange for my soul and/or financial information.

Instead of leaving the Starlight Pioneer Society, Mrs. Glass has agreed to marry the leader, Arlon Blight. Glinda is desperate to find a way to break the spell that Arlon has cast over her mom. She is hoping that she and Dorothy can reconcile and then save their mother.

However, nothing goes according to plan when the Starlight Pioneers literally move into the Glass household. Arlon is a wretched human being but he seems to be winning the war for Mrs. Glass’s soul.

Glinda is the underdog who needs to get her life together. She has so many talents but lacks confidence. West is an interesting character. She reminds me of a slightly nicer version of Wednesday Addams. West is a survivor and isn’t going to let the cult take over her life without a fight.

Glinda gets her friend,Troy, to drive to Dorothy’s house which is several hours away. West really isn’t supposed to be going. However, she hides in the car because she doesn’t want to miss anything or to be stuck with the cult members living at the Glass home.

Will they save their mother from the cult? Will Dorothy and Glinda ever have a relationship again? How will Glinda gain the confidence to be a lady instead of a dunk tank wench? To find the answers, please read It’s Not a Cult.

If you are fascinated by cults but don’t want to join one, then you will enjoy It’s Not a Cult. If your cult has banned books on cults, then it is time to get out of there so you can assert your independence. Then you can get your own library card and check out all of the banned books.


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  • I received this ebook from NetGalley. This is my honest review. All opinions are my own. Obviously.

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