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Prom night is almost upon the people of my household. So it seems like a good time to do a prom night book tag.

My first prom dress was blue. My kid’s dress for prom 2023 is also blue. Prom dresses are so beautiful – maybe even more now than in the 90s. Someday I will put a comparison photo on Instagram.

I found the book tag on Teodora’s blog Books are Magic. Thanks to Yuli  for the original prom night book tag. Anyone who wants to participate is invited to the prom night book tag.

1. A book with a cover the same color as your dress/suit/tie.

prom night

2. A book that reminds you of your dress, be it the cover or the book itself.

Series Review: Cinderella by K Webster · SERIESous Book Reviews

3. A book that reminds you of your prom or whatever you think it will be.

prom night

My last prom was weird. The prom date was awkward. I should have ditched him at after prom. We were just bowling and he was being a weirdo for reasons unknown to me. Our prom picture was awesome.

4. A book that you can “put” in a clutch or a small bag.

Paperback Writing Down the Bones Book

5. If you could be any character from a book for your prom, who would you choose?

prom night

Eliza Doolittle is classy and a little sassy.

6. A book you wish you had read before prom. Or a book you think would be helpful to read before prom.

Sometimes the one that you think is the one is not the one. Your 1st prom date is not always the one you are destined to be with for eternity. In reality, none of my prom dates were my soulmate.

7. If you could choose any book character to accompany you to prom, who would you choose?

Jon Snow is one of the few characters that I have a crush on.

prom night jon snow

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