Gramercy Arms: Flawless Friday Video

gramercy arms
Photo by Max Skaff

NYC indie rock outfit Gramercy Arms has a marvelous video for their single, “Yesterday’s Girl.” The video has done a fantastic job of making me nostalgic for the old days and for also future projects that it is this week’s Flawless Friday Video.

How awesome would it be to be part of an artistic collective like this band? It would be more creative than joining the circus. A person can still dream about finding their artistic community.

 “Yesterday’s Girl” was co-penned by Dave Derby and  Lloyd ColeThe song is performed as a duet with Derby and Renée Lo Bue of Elk City.

Gramercy Arms released their third album ‘Deleted Scenes’ via New Jersey-based Magic Door Record Label on March 3. Besides the new album, the band has various videos for you all to enjoy.

Please check out all of videos and links to Gramercy Arm’s social media.

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Flawless Friday Video


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