Evidence of a Struggle: Flawless Friday Video


Evidence of a Struggle, a Chicago-based psychedelic rock group, has presented a collection of animated videos from their upcoming self-titled album. The band, led by Rev. Billy Simmons, is a group of constantly changing musicians.

All of the videos in the series were created by Chicago artist John Airo. The first video, “Do’Oa,” is the Flawless Friday Video due to the animation and the story that it tells. If I wasn’t watching the video, the music might tell a different story.

“There is so much attached to these songs, musically, visually and emotionally. I don’t think there’s an inch within The Glue Factory that hasn’t been touched by literal blood, sweat, or tears. I believe that Evidence of a Struggle is natural in creating all art,” says Rev. Billy Simmons.

“I’m reluctant to explain what these songs or animations “mean” The music and the art says different things to different people. The music says exactly what it needs to. I want to encourage the listener and the viewer to let these compositions speak to them as they spoke to me when I was writing and recording them or to John when he was painting or creating the animations. This objective tangible art we make becomes subjective the minute we release it to the world. Enjoy this, and try to hear what it has to say.”

If you get a chance, please watch all of the amazing videos from Evidence of a Struggle. Let me know what you think.

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