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Hot Wax, a punk rock band from East Sussex, England, are the proud creators of their new album, A Thousand Times, out 5/19 via Marathon Artists.

The band lineup is vocalist/guitarist Tallulah Sim-Savage, bassist Lola Sam, and drummer Alfie Sayers. Tallulah and Lola have been playing together since they were 12 years old. They were brought together to form a band for a musical competition in their hometown. Their origin story sounds like a plot line from the Brady Bunch. Their music is the absolute opposite of “It’s a Sunshine Day.”

“The EP is a homage to mine and Lola’s relationship growing up together and the arguments we’d have a thousand times,” explains Sim-Savage. “It includes themes of guilt, love, climate change, womanhood, contraception, anxiety, and endings.” 

Some might categorize Hot Wax’s music as punk, grunge, alternative or a combination of the three. I will just say that I love their music no matter what genre anyone wants to call it. There isn’t a band that reminds me of Hot Wax. However, if you do like Hot Wax then you also might like Pearl Harts or Lambrini Girls.

My favorite song on the EP is “A Thousand Times.” The second verse is simple yet powerful:

Yellow lights, through the trees
Like the stars the other night
You and me, we were in the sea, 

This summer they will be performing on the same bill as The Strokes and Yeah Yeah Yeahs. The whole album makes me want to get on their mailing list so I know their schedule. I want to know when they will be playing a show anywhere within 100 or so miles. Would I walk 500 miles? I would drive a long way for a Hot Wax show.

My kids are about to tell me to turn the volume down but I don’t think I will yet. I want to listen to this EP everywhere as loud as possible.


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