The Bayonets: Meet and Greet

The Bayonets

Have you met The Bayonets yet? The Bayonets -Brian Ray, Oliver Leiber  and Lucrecia López Sanz- have been around since approximately 2011.

They released one album in 2014. Thank goodness that the band has recently begun releasing more of their music.

Brian Ray commented, “It’s Oliver, Lucrecia, and I along with a revolving cast of characters, including but not limited to Adam MacDougall from The Black Crowes on keys, Davey Faragher from Elvis Costello’s band, Scott Shriner from Weezer, and it’s just a lot of fun. It’s raw, it’s rock and roll, but it still has a pop hook sort of sensibility.”

In my opinion, you will appreciate their lyrics and sense of fun. Their music is just so gosh darn catchy. The links and video are below just in case you want to hear more of their music. I’m 99% sure that you will enjoy The Bayonets.

Links to The Bayonets

Stream/Order the “Argentina”/”Post Apocalypso” 7″ Single Here



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