Tim Easton: Flawless Friday Video

Tim Easton

Americana musician Tim Easton has a moving video for the single, “Sliver of Light.” It is the Flawless Friday Video for this week.

Lately, I have had several conversations about seeing the light, epiphanies, and so on. Easton seems to capture the spirit of hoping your loved one doesn’t go down a path that could be detrimental to their life. They might believe that they are alone in the world but their friends and family are ready to help. The song and video are lovely tributes to Easton’s friend. The baseball references are my favorite parts of the video.

“I wrote the lyrics on a Dutch train during a European tour. I had just heard tough news from home. A friend who had fallen down was suddenly on life support. The words poured out fast and, when I arrived at my hotel, I immediately set the lyrics to music. Once back home in Nashville, the recording session was equally charged and completed in a few hours. Take one was the keeper track with me singing and playing guitar along with the band while a friend filmed us recording. Overdubs were added with some percussion, Wurlitzer keyboard, and harmony vocals to complete a song that is two-thirds observation and experience and one-third baseball prayers,” says Tim Easton.

Sliver of Light’ is available across digital platforms, including Apple Music, Spotify, and Bandcamp. Info about upcoming tour dates can be found at www.timeaston.com.

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