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Flowers Of Hell, a Toronto-based trans-Atlantic space rock orchestra, have made their latest album, “Keshakhtaran,” via Space Age Recordings. “Keshakhtaran,” our album of the week, is the perfect mix of meditative and trippy, psychedelic music. If you are looking for music to help clear your thoughts after a long week, then definitely listen to this album ASAP.

The definition for “Keshakhtaran” in the urban dictionary is “seeking nirvana through meditation to sound, especially when you’re stoned.” Sometimes I am a bit nervous about looking up definitions in the urban dictionary because it’s not always safe for work. It’s almost always entertaining. In this case, the definition is accurate.

The 20 or so musicians, led by composer and producer Greg Jarvis, have been playing since 2005. This album is their sixth studio album. Their genre is a fusion of indie, classical, and jazz.

“Keshakhtaran began as a 40-minute ‘space guitar’ piece I’d done out of bits and bobs I’d been playing in my home studio for a girlfriend to meditate to in the months before Covid. During the pandemic, I found I couldn’t write anything new (nothing in, nothing out), but I pulled out the guitar track and started sending it to caged-up band members and friends to add layers to, and soon I was mixing and editing away, creating a sonic world to escape off into,” says Greg Jarvis.

On June 7, Flowers Of Hell will present a live concert at the London’s 100 Club featuring performances by The Confederate DeadPete Bassman of Spacemen 3, Philip Parfitt of cult legends The Perfect Disaster, and interim music selections from Tim Holmes of Death In Vegas.

You could play this album during stressful times but set a timer so that you don’t get lost in the music. No one wants their boss with quiet shoes to find them meditating in the rabbit hole; although it might be an interesting way to exit a job. Maybe the music will lead you to a better opportunity. Stranger things have happened.

If there was a nice meditating spot at home, then I would play “Keshakhtaran” on a meditation playlist daily. Really, that’s not a bad idea. Let me know what you think of the album!

Keshakhtaran by Flowers Of Hell

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