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Indie pop punk band, Lone Wolf, officially released their third album, HAZE WAVE, on Stardumb Records in May. The Dutch band has been making music together since 2016.

Listening to the album has been like taking a chilled shot of Jenever, Dutch gin, to chase beer or sluggishness away. I’ve been looking for my second wind since early in the afternoon. HAZE WAVE has been the key to regaining energy. The album is so vibrant and animated that it must transfer that voltage to the audience.

My favorite songs on the album are “Terrible Heartache” and “Meet Me in the Middle.” I would also like to suggest looking at the similar bands to Lone Wolf. It’s worth is just to see the awesome band names.

If you like The Strokes, then you might also like the band. Lone Wolf will be touring in Europe and the United States. So you could catch their live show and possibly become life-long fans. Check out their links and tour dates below.

Hopefully, I can find somewhere cool to have an iced beverage and listen to this album.

Tour Dates

JUN 16- Leeuwarden, Netherlands @ Mukkes

JUN 17- Breda, Netherlands @ Poppodium Phoenix Breda

JUN 23 – 25 Cruise Records, Hamburg, Germany @ BOOZE CRUISE VII Festival 2023

OCT 27 – 29 OCT – Gainesville, FL @ FEST 21

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