Interview with . . . Radioactive Pineapple

Radioactive Pineapple, a skate/pop punk band from Helsinki, Finland, doesn’t sound like the other bands on pop punk playlists. They have a unique sound that I enjoy quite a bit. Hopefully, they will be on mixtapes throughout the world by the end of the summer.

Jake from Radioactive Pineapple is on the blog today to let you know what the band is all about. Please welcome Jake to the blog!

    radioactive pineapple

    Who is answering the questions? 

    – Jake, bassist & vocalist 

    Band/Artist Name: 

    – Radioactive Pineapple 

    Tell us about your latest project: 

    – We are just about to finish our new EP and it’ll probably hit the streaming platforms in June. It’s our first release with our new guitarist Johnsson who joined last year, so the lead guitars will be more diverse now. The first single ”Angry” will be out on June 2nd. 

    Where was your first concert as a fan? As a performer? 

    – I think one of my first concerts was when my dad took me to see the Who in 2007. I also saw the Rolling Stones the same year. As a performer it was in 2012 when me and my friends covered Green Day’s “21 Guns” in front of our school. My first full set was later that year with my first band Too Hot for Radio. 

    What is the secret to writing good music? 

    – Catchy hooks and a personal sound, lyrics that are somewhat relatable. I think there are many ways to get there, although it’s worth being patient since the best ideas might not emerge within the first attempt. 

    Do you have a bucketlist? If so, what’s on it? 

    – I wanna take an interrail to Italy and drink good wine, eat truckloads of pizza and see a lot of Serie A football. I’d also want to visit NYC and LA but long flights make me claustrophobic so let’s see how that’ll get done. 

    What was the last thing that you read? 

    – Probably Alan Greenspan’s autobiography for my master’s thesis, which was about Fed’s communications and Greenspan’s role in that in 2004 (aka lots of difficult and boring stuff about economics). I was so exhausted after that task that I haven’t really felt like reading since. 

    What are you listening to at the moment? 

    – I’ve been listening to a lot of Finnish music, a thing I haven’t been doing too much. Bands like Atomirotta, Anal Thunder, Huora, Negatiiviset Nuoret and even the rap group Mouhous. 

    If you weren’t a musician, what would you be doing?

    – I’d probably pursue a career as an economic historian (which is what I am indeed) or do something else related to that. I’ll probably have to do something like that anyway since music doesn’t pay much, however making music has made me less ambitious about other things. 

    Who would you like to collaborate with in the future? 

    – Old joke but every pop punk -band should have Mark Hoppus do a feature one day. So let’s hope that someday it won’t be a joke! More realistically, there are lots of great local acts here in Finland such as Glass Wipe, Amanita Story and Vaatturi & Myyjät. So maybe we should do some collaborations with those guys! 

    What do you want people to know about your music? 

    – It’s fast paced punk rock that hopefully makes you wanna skate (I’ve never skated myself lol). It’s a bit chaotic and neurotic but still relatable. You should definitely see us live!










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