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Lusitanian Ghosts has a new song,”Shameless,” that will have you singing along no matter where you are. “Shameless” should be everyone’s anthem for this summer and beyond. The song definitely deserves to be our track of the day.

The neo-folk collective includes musicians from Portugal, Canada and Sweden. The current lineup is Neil Leyton, Micke Ghost, João Sousa, Abel Beja (from Primitive Reason), ToZé Bexiga (from Raia) and Jan-Eric Olsson.

“We were having a photo shoot with Katja Ruge at Clouds Hill in Hamburg and she was telling us over and over again to look fierce. So there I was, lookin’ all fierce when this really cool, post punkish bass line appeared in my head. It just kept going so, as soon as we had a little break, I took Janne aside and asked him to play it on the Rickenbacker bass. When I heard it I started singing ”Shameless” to myself and quickly gathered Abe and ToZe to play some chords, Johnny to play some rhythm on his knees and Neil to sing some backup,” explains Micke Ghost.

“The song kind of wrote itself and pretty soon we were all singing Shameless from the top of our lounges. It couldn’t have been more than twenty minutes from when I heard the bass line until it was finished. We recorded it really quick pretty much live off the floor right after the photo shoot was over. Sometimes you get lucky. Shamelessly lucky!”

As of June 6, ‘Shameless’ has been available everywhere digitally, including SpotifyApple Music and Bandcamp. Their upcoming album will be out this fall via European Phonographic.

Shameless by Lusitanian Ghosts

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