The Get Arounds: Sleep Deprived Music Review

the get arounds

The Get Arounds of Vancouver have announced that their latest album, I Want to Live, has been sent out into the world for all of their soon-to-be fans to hear.

The power-pop band features Lana Ryma on vocals, Carman Lethbridge on guitar, Paul Albert on bass and Eric Lowe on drums. Their motto seems to be “Don’t bore us get to the chorus.” There isn’t one boring song on this album so at least they are following their own advice.

When it comes to songwriting, guitarist Carman Lethbridge says “It’s mostly about the feel and the sounds. I find it a bit forced trying to make the song be a certain idea. It’s better if I just let them evolve into whatever they are becoming and attach a meaning later when I can understand what the song is about. I never write the words on paper because then they never change for the better. Making the album I just tried to write as many songs as I could in the time we had. And we also used a couple old songs I had kicking around for years. They sound a lot better with Lana singing them!”

Their music is somewhat similar to L7, Bikini Kill, Babes in Toyland and maybe Blondie. My favorite songs on the album are “Think About Me,” “Rockstar Girl” and “The Last One.”

If you are a fan of any of the previously mentioned bands, then The Get Arounds should be on your playlist. So far, I have not seen any tour dates but their show is more than likely a good time. They seem like a fun, energetic band with the right amount of angst.

I would like to listen to this album at just about any punk rock bar in the world. What are punk rock bars in Paris or Brazil like? Now that would be epic – to see The Get Arounds around the world.

You can find the album on Spotify and Bandcamp. Check out the links below to discover more about The Get Arounds.

the get arounds
I Wanna Live by The Get Arounds

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