The Mystery Plan: Album of the Week

The Mystery Plan of North Carolina has presented their latest album, Haunted Organic Machines, which is a delight for new and old fans. After you listen to it, you will see why it is the album of the week.

“This is an emotional album. The songs from this record were born during the pandemic, either during lockdown or as we were coming back into a somewhat more normal life. There is no denying the emotional tug between longing for companionship and the celebration of togetherness. Some songs are about sorrow while others are of the love of life. ‘Big Bliss’, the opener, is about both of those things together. This album has sadness and joy, uneasiness and comfort, depending on the song. The closing song, ‘Holding My Interest’ actually did not originate during the pandemic, but was reworked during the downtime and transformed into a love song. Jason wanted to end the album on a sweet note and leave our listeners with a feeling of hope and warmth,” explains Amy Herring.

The dream pop/electronic folk group lineup includes Otis Hughes, Amy Herring, Jefferson Chester, Patty McLaughlin, and Jason Herring.

The band puts their own spin on dream pop by adding some disco elements to make it dreamy disco. If dreamy disco is not a thing, it should be. The Mystery Plan reminds me mostly of St. Etienne. My favorite songs on the album are “What a Day,” Holding My Interest” and “Snow Queen.” I love the titles of the songs so much, especially “I Think I’m Granola.”

Since we are going to a pool party later, this is going to be the album playing for the pre-party prep to get the good vibes circulating. I’m going to add some of the songs to my “Get Ready” playlist on Spotify. Feel free to add it to your own playlists so that you can also get ready for living your best life.

 Haunted Organic Machines is currently available, both digitally and on CD, via Bandcamp. The ‘What A Day’ EP is also available via Spotify and Apple Music

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photo by Daniel Coston
Haunted Organic Machines by the Mystery Plan

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  1. I really like their music.

    1. Happy to hear it! Thank you 🙂

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