Michael Webster: 116 Days of Summer Guests

michael webster

In my opinion, one of the most important things in music is the community that is created
around it. Here in Manchester we’ve got a fantastic supportive scene surrounding us, it’s
an incredible thing to see. Music is able to break down barriers and create a bond between
people, regardless of differences between them.

When you see people from different backgrounds, classes, race and the such coming
together for a united vision, it’s a beautiful thing. There’s a lot of diversity within the scene
that has cumulated behind us, and not only is it lovely to see, it inspires new and
innovative ideas – people with different musical influences performing together, putting
ideas towards each other and making some truly unique styles of music, and really utilising
a sense of individuality but in unison with one another; this is not only true of musicians but
creatives of all styles. The collaboration I’ve seen from graphic designers, artists, DJs,
promoters – it’s what keeps the creative industries fresh.

It’s a shame that this is often something that isn’t highlighted very well – for example,
there’s little to no government funding in clear view that really pushes for this to be
exemplified further, even when it strengthens the bonds between communities and creates a link between people of different backgrounds.

I think that this is one of the most important things in the music and creative industries, and I’m blessed to be a part of it.

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Michael Webster is a musician based in Manchester, UK – also running the label Bread
celebrating local artists and providing opportunities for creative expression in the
local area.





116 Days of Summer Guests


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