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ON, an alternative rock trio, has a new single, “Make Me,” from their self-titled debut album. If you’re suffering from nightmares about still being married to your ex, then this song could be the remedy. Honestly, I feel so much better after listening to it about ten times. It is officially the track of the day.

“After our first release and jaunt with Acid Test, I was at a crossroads of musical styles; I had a desire to go back to a raw, gritty and powerful sound. I wanted to play a simple driving riff that expressed the frustration and yet immense drive I was feeling. Lyrically, I wanted to feel that “thing” that inspired me to want to pick up a guitar/bass in the first place. So I first wrote the ‘Make Me’ riff on a guitar. It was kind of a “oh yeah.. so take that” kind of musical statement,” says Lucy Di Santo.

Steve Fall adds, “This song really came to life in a big way during our tour of Mexico in the mid-90s with fellow Canadian rockers Rusty. Such good times. ‘Make Me’ brings back fond memories of my mother playfully giving my former military father the finger behind his back… this is a warmup anthem that makes me wanna shoot hockey pucks hard n fast”.

So exorcise those ex-husband/wife/partner demons and take a listen to “Make Me.”

‘Make Me’ is out now on SpotifyApple Music and Bandcamp, where the trio’s ‘ON’ album can also be obtained digitally or on CD.

  • Photo by Matt Cornelius

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