The Noise Who Runs: Album of the Week

The Noise Who Runs’s latest album, Preteretrospective, is an exceptionally distinctive and ingenious creation.

Ian Pickering, a lyricist for the Sneaker Pimps, joined together with Brazilian-French guitarist Felipe Goes to form The Noices Who Runs. Their sound could be described as indie electronic rock with some trip hop influences and thought provoking lyrics.

Whenever you have a moment, read the lyrics because they might make you a genius. Just kidding. The words will make you think and that is something special. All of the lyrics are available for viewing on Bandcamp.

The track ‘New York To L.A. In 2-And-A-Half Minutes’  was inspired by commentary of a scientist involved in the space probe observing the sun. If you are interested in learning about space, you might find the NASA Parker Solar Probe blog absolutely fascinating.

Pickering says, “That line – ‘New York to L.A. in 2-and-a-half minutes’ – instantly just starts painting pictures of an insane future, good or bad, at a certain cost, which is now too much, gone too far, that maybe what matters is not just everything that we take for granted but more everything that we’re always complaining and bellyaching about. From that line, it pretty much all fell together.”

    If you are a fan of the Talking Heads then you might also become a fan of The Noise Who Runs. You probably won’t find a lot of bands that sound like The Noise Who Runs with the same gift with words and music.

      “Things Fall Apart,” “So It Goes,” “Under the Sun,” and “New York to L.A. in 2-And-Half Minutes” were my favorite tracks from the album.

      The ‘Preteretrospective’ album is out now and available across music platforms, including SpotifyApple Music and Bandcamp. The band’s social media links can also be found below.

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