Pool Party Palooza 2023: Music Journal

pool party palooza

Pool Party Palooza was on July 22 in Tiffin, Ohio. If you wanted to go you had to know someone who knew the address. So the boyfriend sent someone a message and obtained the address with no problems.

He freakin’ knows everyone. I lost count of how many people he knew at this party. Although, I grew up within 20 minutes of the top secret location, I only knew about 3 people.

There have been sketchier parties in the middle of miles and miles of cornfields. However, there weren’t any weird vibes at this party. There was only a lot of love for heavy metal music and the bands playing. Instead of a paying for a ticket, the attendees were supposed to buy merch from the bands.

I would have brought more money to buy all of the merch but the children at home like snacks and WiFi that is not disconnected. All of the bands that we heard were worthy of spending the WiFi funds on in order to support their music. I’m hoping to see Black Moon Cult again in the near future. I’m positive that we’re going to see Beyond the Fathoms at the Michigan Metal Fest.

We had just seen Heartsick at Inkcarceration Festival but it wasn’t going to hurt anything to see them again. A few months ago, we saw Yesterday’s Hero in Sandusky. The host of the party is in Yesterday’s Hero. Everyone knew him or knew who he was, even me – just from seeing him in Sandusky. It took a few minutes for me to make the connections but it all made sense eventually.

As far as anyone at Pool Party Palooza knows, I’m probably a band member’s mom. No one suspects that I’m an undercover music blogger. No one ever suspects the band mom . . .

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dead cassette

Beyond the Fathoms

Black Road


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  1. Totally hear you on the “vibes” thing, but at the same time also can relate to when it’s not a thing and that’s awesome! Sounds like fun.

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