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Fire Sale of Los Angeles will be having a show at the Paper Tiger in San Antonio in November. Until then, you can hear their EP on most digital platforms. Guitarist Chris Swinney is joining us on the blog today for a chat.

Tell us about your latest project.

 Our most recent release is a two-song EP out on Negative Progression Records. It was released digitally and on vinyl(7”). Side A is called “A Fool’s Errand” and Side B is called “We Dance For Sorrow”.

Do you have a favorite venue?

 I have many favorite venues…but I love playing House Of Blues anywhere. They are very Artist friendly. Honestly…any venue with a shower is amazing. Haha. I also feel lucky that I got to play CBGBs a couple times back in the day. So much history there.

What makes everything that Fire Sale has worked for worthwhile?

 The messages and comments from the folks that dig what we do. We are still a fairly new band…but the punk rock community has really embraced us and what we do. It feels good to be able to write and release songs that we love…but it is a bonus when our music touches other people.

Do you have plans for touring this year?

 We plan to do a few short runs on the East and West coasts, respectively. We are also planning another run of shows in the Southwest. If all goes well we will be touring Asia next year.

Does Fire Sale have a #1 fan?

 Honestly, I think I am Fire Sale’s number 1 fan. I am such a fan of the other guys in Fire Sale…they are amazing players and collaborators. I would be just as stoked on Fire Sale even if no one else liked it. I still blast our stuff in my car…my wife makes fun of me, haha.

Will you ever be too old for punk rock?

 I don’t think Punk Rock has an age limit. I am almost 45 now…and I still identify with the Punk Rock ethos. Punk Rock is about being yourself and not being judged…what’s more Punk Rock than being an old guy and still being Punk? Haha.

Who would you like to collaborate with in the future?

 We have discussed having guests on a track or two in the future. Can’t really name names currently. However if it’s like a bucket list type thing…I would love to get Chuck Ragan from Hot Water Music to contribute some background vocals, or sing on a bridge, etc. Love that dude!

Have you ever taught anyone how to play an instrument?

 My day job is actually teaching music. I own a private music education studio and teach lessons full time. Guitar, bass, drums, piano, voice, music production, songwriting, etc. I love my job!

Fire Sale Links

Please pickup our new 7” “A Fool’s Errand” here:


Band Members

Chris Swinney – guitar

Matt Riddle – bass

Pedro Aida – vocals

Brad Edwards – rhythm guitar

Matt Morris – drums



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  1. From the way they look, I was expecting to hear hard rock or even metal, so it was a big surprise to hear that they sound more like Blink-182!

    1. They are full of surprises! lol

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