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CR and The Nones of New Jersey have sent their second single, “The Ghosts Are Coming Home,” into the earthly and maybe even the ghost dimension. The song is poignant and might bring up things from the past that haunt you. We’re not against nostalgia so we are naming “The Ghosts Are Coming Home” the track of the day.

If you like Wilco or Elliott Smiths but not ghosts, you will probably still enjoy this track. You don’t even have to believe in ghosts to like CR and The Nones.

CR Gennone says of the track,”It’s probably one of the most visual songs I’ve written. I was driving in my car and the lyrics and title came really fast, all at once. I had to pull over and put it in my phone. I had this overwhelming feeling at that moment in my life, that the chickens had come to roost. The ghosts are coming home.”

The full album ‘The Ghosts Are Coming Home’ will be released on September 8 and is available for pre-order.

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The Ghosts Are Coming Home by CR and The Nones

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  1. I really like their sound!

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