Michigan Metal Fest: Music Journal

Michigan Metal Fest was not on our original summer plan list. Honestly, we only had two or three things on the list. However, since Aug. 19 is the day before my birthday, it seemed like the best idea for the birthday weekend.

Battle Creek is about a three hour drive from our house. There were so many bands that we wanted to check out that it seemed worth taking a little road trip. If you can believe it, I did not bring enough snacks.

I took a bunch of pictures but I only liked about seven of them. Even though I didn’t have a press pass, I usually ended up beside a photographer with a press pass. I have seen so many great photos from the festival. Most put my shabby photos to shame. So I bought a zoom lens with the rest of my birthday money. It arrived today.

The festival was at Leila Arboretum, which is the most beautiful place to have any event. The crowd was a decent size. After the crowd of people at InkCarceration, it nice to be able to talk to other concert goers as well as the bands. No one had to wait an hour for food. So it ended up being ok that I didn’t bring more snacks.

Every band that we saw kicked ass. My favorites were Raven Black, Casket Robbery, Mantra of Morta and Dead by Wednesday. My boyfriend, Lucas liked Cultus Black and Hemlock.

Lucas kept me on track for seeing almost every band, whether he meant to or not. We were constantly on the move. My feet still hurt. No regrets.

I couldn’t find the Mantra of Morta tent. Was it somewhere really obvious? We looked several times in between sets. Hopefully, we’ll catch another one of their shows later.

I am always happy to see women taking their place on stage at heavy metal shows. Also, I am usually kind of scared of clowns and the mosh pit but Rockso the Pit Clown was a treat to watch in the pit.

It was the best birthday that I’ve had in a long time. Thank you Michigan Metal Fest for hosting an amazing show!

P.S. I also won a raffle held by Hear This!Promotions. My shirt also arrived this week.

Music Journal


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