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    Berkley had a momentous day yesterday with the release of their album, Pueblo. Music fans will find that the album holds it own when compared to Vampire Weekend and Pedro the Lion. There are also some similarities to the sound of Fleetwood Mac. We think it a solid choice for the album of the week.

    Pueblo tells a story as old as time. There’s an unrequited love interest from your hometown. The love of your life is out there – probably still near the hometown but you aren’t together. Maybe there was a chance years ago but the two of you went your separate ways. More often than not, you think of the person, the hometown and the “what ifs.” Now you write songs and poetry about the time the hometown person was with you and then they weren’t.

    The song lyrics are extremely relatable. I swear that Berkley was reading my journals and poetry. We don’t know each other or anything. However, we both know heartache. Breaking up and reliving how it could be different happens to the best of us.

    The lyrics from songs like “High School Tears” and “Say Nothing” make something common like thinking of your former love interest seem special. With just a tweek of a word or two, the feeling of nostaglia is so clear and beautiful.

    “High School Tears”

    Feeling weird in your old neighborhood It’s hard to see this late looking for your old house I wrote you a letter and made myself feel good And kept it in my head like a secret, you know what that’s about

    “Say Nothing”

    The fire was born from a cigarette All that smoke around your eyes The ash was twirling doing pirouettes Falling stars in the day

    It has been the most pleasant time listening to Berkley. Maybe he would feel the same about reading my journals and poetry. It would be cool if I could listen to the album while riding my bike past my one ex’s house. Then ride of the nearby farmer’s markets or somewhere with coffee.

    The alternative indie pop project is the plan of Andrew Jones, originally from Pueblo, Colorado and based in Portland, Oregon.

    The ‘Pueblo’ LP is available digitally, on CD and random-colored vinyl. The CD offers a lyric sheet, exclusive photos and art. The LP includes lyrics and credits on a full-size insert with work from Pueblo photographers and liner notes from International Latino Book Award-winning poet Juan J. Morales. ( Side note: I know a Juan Morales but not this particular Juan.)

    Tour Dates

    Sept. 3  Denver, CO – Skylark Lounge (with Volon Vauban & Nicki Walters)
    Sept. 9   Portland, OR – Music Millennium

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    Pueblo by Berkley

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    1. Lovely, heartfelt songs with really pleasing vocals.

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