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Moonraker of Southern California has the correct idea about celebrating their album’s anniversary. They took a trip to the Whirlyball place. I don’t know what whirlyball is but it looks like a good time. Plus, they made the coolest video for “I Really Wanted To” which is the Flawless Friday Video this week.

The band says, “In honor of our record ‘The Forest’ being out for a year, we thought it’d be fun to go to Texas and play the sport of kings: Whirlyball. Anytime we go through Fort Worth (or Chicago. I also believe they have it in Atlanta and Seattle) we try to get in a quick sesh and we always wanted to bring a camera crew with us to capture the chaos. We thought it fit well with our song, “I Really Wanted To” and the result was one of the most fun crazy weekends we’ve had in recent memory. Thanks to Matt and Hot Katsu Video for killing it as always and HUGE thanks to Snowy and everyone at the Whirlyball place for being so cool and letting us go so long and bring in all sorts of outside food and booze and ninja weapons and all that. And thanks to all of you for making the last year with ‘The Forest’ so special!”

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Flawless Friday Video


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