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cavalera conspiracy
cavalera conspiracy
cavalera conspiracy
cavalera conspiracy
cavalera conspiracy
cavalera conspiracy

Cavalera Conspiracy performed at The King of Clubs, Columbus, Ohio on September 8, 2023 as part of the Morbid Devastation Tour.

I may have lost a little bit of my hearing at the Cavalera Conspiracy show. No regrets. Recently, I bought a zoom lens so this was the first time using it at a concert. Having a zoom lens is a whole new world.

Fun fact: I used to live in Columbus. My 1st apartment was basically across the street from The King of Clubs.

In some ways it was a typical show: a giant stood in front of me, a drunk lady was unsteady on her feet, and people were rowdy in the mosh pit. Cavalera fans are as diehard as they come, which was awesome to see.

In other ways, it was a spectacular show. I mean . . . it’s Max and Iggor Cavalera. They are heavy metal legends and rightfully so. If you haven’t seen them live, please do yourselves a favor and get to a show ASAP!

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