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Stella Wembley presents her bewitching video for ‘Wasting My Time’ which is also the Flawless Friday Video for the week. No one cast a spell on us. We just enjoy the confident, witchy Gothic vibes of the song and video.

The video is set in the 13th century. As you may know, we are a bit of a history nerd. Documentaries set during the Medieval Times are streaming quite often on our television

Historically, it has not been easy to be edgy, witchy and mysterious. Wembley seems to have no problems being her spellbinding, fearless self. She also put together the storyboard as well as writing the script for the video. I love the costumes. The outfits are so simple and still impactful. It doesn’t take much for Wembley to be incredibly powerful – visually and musically.

“The song ‘Wasting My Time’ is about self-confidence, self-empowerment, hope, change and transformation. Whenever there is a traumatic experience, I take the pain and put it into art, creating a song. The lyrics are autobiographical, and reference the difficulties I have gone through in the last 14 years, which I’ve finally overcome,” says Wembley.

After studying opera at the Royal Conservatory of Music ‘San Pietro a Majella’ in Naples, Wembley moved to London to pursue a music career. She also started her own independent music label, Gothic Empire Records.

Her latest EP, Wasting My Time, includes the single of the same name plus three dark synth/goth wave remixes. ‘Bionic Visions Dark Ambient Remix’ is my favorite remix on the EP. Let me know which remix you prefer.

The ‘Wasting My Time’ EP is available on Apple Music and Spotify.

To celebrate the release of the album, Stella will be performing live at Leeds’ Eiger Studios on October 29.

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